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US Half Cent   US Large Cent


Flying Eagle Cent   Indian Head Cent


Lincoln Cent   US Two Cent   US Three Cent




Unusually Interesting Facts - Local and more


Courtesy Autograph Notes


Hettie Anderson - The face of Liberty - $20 St. Gaudens Gold


1969 Apollo 11 Medal errors - Lombardo Mint


The US Made 1968 Canadian Dime


US Military Payment Certificates


Notable Women on American Currency


Columbia SC National Banks and their Notes


The Fire That Gave the 1900 $10,000 notes to Collectors


Black Beauty Nickels of 1958 and 1959


Cuban "CIA" used Counterfeit Notes of 1961


Fun with Disney Dollars


Ever seen Italian Disney Dollars?


Confederate Mining Company Medals of 2010-2012 (Cowpens SC)


Interesting 1938 Nickel "Pattern Designs" Restrikes


SS John Barry Shipwreck Coins - Collecting History


El Cazador Shipwreck Coins - Collecting History





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  1866 $5 Irish Republic "Fenian" Bonds


Collecting Brick Ends - Federal Reserve Notes


Foreign Coins Struck at the US Mint


The ONLY Foreign Coin Struck at the New Orleans Mint - Mexico's 1907 20 Centavos


Try Collecting Heraldic Art Medals - 1959-1978 - America's Missing Commemoratives


US Mint Made Philippine McArthur Medals of 1947


Souvenir Pesos of Cuba - Then and now


Blue Ridge Railroad Notes of 1872 with History


The Real Story of the Lost Confederate Treasure - Emily Moore


Quick Reference Guide


Doubled Die vs. Machine Doubling - Quick Reference


The 4 correct Mintmarks for the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cents


1864 2 Cent - Small Motto vs. Large Motto Identification


Federal Reserve Notes - Special Serial Number Stats and Odds


Misc. Early Commemorative Varieties - Photo Guide